Irrigation Leak Repair

A very common issue with irrigation systems

Repairing Your Sprinkler System: Common Problems Owners Encounter

An irrigation system that isn't working as intended can be very costly. A number of things may go wrong with these systems, including everything from clogged heads to overspray. The result is a lawn that is overly wet or dry in certain areas or one that is full of weeds and diseases. Fortunately, a property owner can often diagnose and correct many problems quickly and easily.


Overspray is water that is extending past the desired watering zone. This is often the result of the sprinkler not being positioned properly. To rectify the situation, simply remove the dirt from around the sprinkler head and relocate it to the desired area.

Blocked Flow

A very common issue with irrigation systems, this sprinkler repair tends to be the easiest. Simply check around the affected sprinkler heads to see if something is obstructing them. It may be a low-hanging branch, a trash can that has been left too close to the head, or another obstruction. In addition, see if the grass has grown up around the head and is preventing it from operating properly or if the head has been pushed down into the ground by the lawnmower.


Lawnmowers and vehicles may run over a sprinkler head and damage it. Furthermore, time tends to wear the seal on the head. To find the leak, simply determine which heads are working and which aren't. The leak is between the last functional head and the first one that no longer operates.

If the leak is at the top, check to make sure the cap hasn't come loose. If this isn't the issue, it may be the seal needs to be replaced, and this can be determined by unscrewing the cap. If the leak is further down, it might be time to call the professionals for an irrigation leak repair.


Before calling for sprinkler repair in Scottsdale, check for clogs in the heads. When this happens, the water doesn't spray as much as it should or as far. Turn the water off to the system and lift the head that is not working. Unscrew the cap and remove the filter. Clean it and replace it before testing to ensure the water is spraying in the desired direction. Turn the system back on.

If these tips don't work, call for a repair. Your irrigation system needs to be up and running to ensure your lawn is well maintained. Don't delay, as the sooner a problem is detected, the easier it typically is to repair. Keep this in mind at all times.