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A strategic organization of the ACTS Group

Serving God and Others during Holy Week

As Christians walk into Holy Week, we can reflect on many truths. One truth is that our world and the communities we live in desperately need to see and experience the transforming love of Jesus. Another is that Jesus came to earth to radically love and serve the world that was opposed to God and his rule. We see that in very tangible ways during his last week on earth that ultimately led to his giving up his life for the salvation of the world. Radical love in the face of unrepentant sinful people that opened the way to a world completely changed is what we celebrate this week. What small and simple things can you do to love others this week as a way to thank Jesus for the priceless gift of service and love he gave to us? Activate your faith today!

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Serve United Activation Night- April 20th

You are invited! Please join us on April 20th at City of Refuge Sacramento as we gather to celebrate what God is doing in our region through service and encourage one another into collaborative efforts that will make the Sacramento region a changed place! Our theme is “Soul Care on the Frontlines of Service” This night is open to outreach and church representatives, ministry and non-profit leaders, civic leaders and EVERYONE passionate about serving others. You will hear insights from faith leaders who have served many years in our communities and leave inspired and full of excitement to do the same!

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Stories of Service: Training Up Conference

On March 18th, many foster and adoptive parents, mentors, caregivers and social workers and social service agencies representatives came together to learn together at Defending the Cause Regional Alliance's first Training Up Conference. This conference was designed to teach individuals and families involved with caring for kids from hard places on topics such as attachments, sensory and emotional processing and more. Regional experts taught great tools and insights that provided encouragement and support to everyone in attendance. Defending the Cause Regional Alliance was formed in the past year to create a collaborative network of churches, nonprofits, agencies and professionals who can find and empower one another in their work of protecting kids and strengthening families.

To find out more about Defending the Cause Regional Alliance and see how you or your church can get involved in serving vulnerable children in our region, click HERE!

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Stories of Service: Love Modesto 2017

On April 8th, over 5,500 people joined together to work on over 110 projects all over the city of Modesto to love the city in practical ways. Service projects included providing encouragement to the elderly and foster parents, manual labor for people and organizations in need, and neighborhood and school beautification projects just to name a few. Love Modesto is an initiative that began in 2007 in answer to the questions: Why is Modesto on lists of the “worst cities in America”? If Modesto churches were to suddenly disappear from the area, would anyone even care or notice? Now, 10 years later, Love Modesto has helped tens of thousands of people in Modesto tackle issues and loving communities through one-day service festivals and by providing year round service opportunities for churches and citizens who care. The dream of having a one-day festival of service has also spread to more than 50 cities in an effort called "Love our Cities"

THANK YOU Love Modesto for mobilizing others to serve in life-giving ways!

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