Covid Reminders


I would like to thank all the parents for your support as we have started this school year. It has been a blessing to have all the students back in the building. The Lord has blessed us with good health and we have had three great weeks so far. I have attached some reminders as we don't want our success to allow us to become forgetful of some of the new protocols we have in place for this year.


I know that none of us like having to wear masks, but there have been some positives. 1. If someone would become contagious it limits the spread. 2. If someone is contagious wearing masks may help to keep in person education going for more students then without masks. 3. The students are doing an amazing job of adapting to the new routine.

Below are some mask reminders to help ensure that things continue to go smoothly.

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Below I have attached some symptom checkers that you can use. I know that many of these symptoms also can indicate illnesses other then COVID-19. If your child displays multiple symptoms the first thing you should do is keep the child home and then consult with your doctor to see what they recommend for your child.

DPI Symptom Checklist

The teachers and staff of Trinity thank you for your help and cooperation as our main goal is to stay healthy so we can keep our students in school.
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