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The Happenings of Room H-22

Tuesday, October 24th


Please check the calendar on the website too!


10.25 - Wacky Wednesday

10.26 - Sports Day

10.27 - Pajama Day

10.27 - Pumpkin Patch

10.31 - Halloween - Parade at 9am - HALF DAY of school PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES


11.1 - No School - Parent Teacher Conferences

11.7 - Meet the Masters Assembly

11.9 - Picture Retakes

11.10 - No School

11.14 - 5th grade - Southeast States/Caps Test

11.14 - School Board Meeting

11.17 - Early Release Day

11.22 - Minimum Day

11.23-11-26 - Thanksgiving Break


4th grade - Dusty Falls Booth - Money earned at this booth offsets the cost of the 49 trip.

*** We are in need of 3 people to work in this booth. Please let me know if you are available!

**In addition, if you have any used but clean stuffed animals that you would like to donate for prizes at The DustyFalls Booth, please send them to school by this Wednesday. Thank you for all of your continuous help and support!

4th & 5th - Gray/Kirkpatrick booth!

*we are still in need of some help in our booth -
*we are also in need of some hot cups and lids as well as individually wrapped candy for our booth.


Thanks so much for reading our newsletter...please let me know if you have any questions!


Halloween- Look for a separate email from me tomorrow about Halloween. I am currently trying to figure out some logistics.

Volunteers - I will have a sign up for volunteers at conferences. Thank you so much for your patience.

Parent Teacher Conferences - Please click here to go to our conference sign ups on Sign up Genius! Conferences will be held in room H-22. Please sign up for a time if you have not. Also, if you can bring your child with you that would be amazing. The kids and I are working hard at taking responsibility for our learning...having them at conferences will help with this as well. If they can't be here it is okay!

Wish List Items:

*15 Inexpensive over-the-ear headphones - We are using the chrome books

everyday for math. And the sound is distracting to the other grade level. Similar to the picture below.

Assignments- Just a reminder that students can redo any work that comes home on Friday in their Friday Folders. Completed work must be turned in on Monday. I will then regrade and average the two scores.

Grades- Be sure to be checking powerschool for your students grades. if you do not now how to access please let me know.

Math Help - Please be sure to check the following places for math help if needed. Here are a couple resources that can help with math homework! Both are outstanding. - videos of the problem set and some of the homework.

Oakdale Unified School District Web Page. Select Grade and then Lesson Module and Lesson Number. This is a video that will show how to complete a few problems on each of the homework pages. This page also has parent letters that are helpful. I will be having the kids put then in their binders!

FYI - both of these sites call Eureka Math -- Engage New York. They are the same program just with a different name! - Zearn is another site that can be beneficial to your student. Zearn goes along with each lesson in Eureka math. There is a guided practice that helps to solidify the different skills. This would be especially beneficial if your child was absent from school! Each student in my room has a zearn account. Their log in is taped in their planner. 5th graders have used zearn more in class than the 4th graders.

BLOOMZ - if you haven't signed up yet! Please do! Log in information is directly below this box. I will be posting our planner daily on here.

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Curriculum Update


4th Grade

This week we are reading the story "Coming Distractions" and working on facts and opinions.

5th Grade

This week we are reading an excerpt from the classic, Old Yeller. This is a realistic fiction. We will be working on understanding characters, and authors word choice.

Both grade levels are working on our close readers weekly. These focus on digging into the text and practicing finding text evidence.


Both 4th & 5th Grades

Kids have published their fictional narrative pieces. This week we will be crafting a descriptive paragraph describing the haunted house they drew before break.


Both grades are using a program called xtramath daily to help solidify their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Currently only two of my 25 students have mastered their addition facts. While most do know their facts they do not have automatic recall of their facts. Some are still counting on fingers. Please encourage your kiddo to practice their math facts nightly. Have your kiddo log into their xtramath account so you can see their progress.

4th Grade

We just started module 3 today. Module 3 starts off with perimeter and area and then moves into multiplying and dividing. Your child is bringing home the homework answer booklet for the first half of the module. Please put this in a safe place and refer to it as needed.

5th Grade

5th Grade is moving along in module 2. We are multiplying big numbers. I am encouraging kids to use the traditional method for multiplication. Please remind them to include the place holder!


4th Grade

Students are learning about animals and ecosystems.

5th Grade

We are focusing on learning about plant and animal cells. We have talked about how they are different and similar. This week we will be exploring cells with microscopes!


4th Grade

This week we are learning about California’s first people, the Native Americans!

5th Grade

We are jumping into our next unit, Colonial America. In this unit, students will be learning about reasons why people came to the colonies, Jamestown, the Lost Colony of Ronoake, as well as the 13 original colonies.

We are continuing our states and capitols with the southeast region. They made flash cards and also have blank maps of the Southeast today. Please encourage them to study daily for this. Even 5 minutes a day will make a huge difference! The test will be on November 14th. Kids will need to label the states on the map and then write the capital. Spelling counts!