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Webbing Industries, Cajun Tie Downs parent company has been manufacturing polypropylene webbing products for the bulk bag and agricultural shade cloth industries since 1997. Originally started by investors and former employees of a major webbing manufacturer in the Northeast, it was moved to Louisiana to be closer to its target market, the Bulk Bag Industry. The common names for these products are Super Sacks, or Super Bags. They are used in a broad range of industrial products including food, pharmaceutical, mining, and chemical to name a few. They are widely used to transport any dry flowable products in bulk quantities. Webbing Industries continues to service these industries.

As an avid fisherman and hunter I was always in the market for tie down products and tie cords that are required for these activities. In 2000, I purchased a hang on deer stand that came with a 1” ratchet strap along with a “safety chain” that could not be properly tightened. Rather than risk injury or worse using the ratchet with cheap webbing, I challenged my key weaving employees to make a 1” webbing with maximum tensile and thickness that would still function in a cam buckle or ratchet assembly. The result was a 1” 1,750# tensile polypropylene webbing that would not rot or mildew and was acid resistant. Soon everyone in my hunting club was using my tie down products. Not only were they good, they were free!

This 12’ Camper Awning Tie Down has been specifically designed to protect your expensive awning, awning arms, rafters and mounting brackets from wind damage. It can be used over the exposed roller tube axle on each end using the vinyl coated hook, or looped over the roller tube when the axle is not exposed. Secure the other end to ground using screw in auger or other method.

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Cajun Tie Downs

Webbing Industries is a family owned company located in Crowley Louisiana on the Interstate 10 corridor approximately halfway between New Orleans and Houston Texas commonly known as Cajun Country.