Toy Drive for Cancer

By: C-2 A. Wright, D. Dockter, A. Unverzagt, & B. Wilson

Two girls, Rilee Howington and Sarah Chirchirillo, did a toy drive for kids who have cancer because one of their classmates was diagnosed with cancer shortly before.

Childhood cancer is a big deal at Riverwatch because Nicholas Kosasih, a student at Riverwatch, was diagnosed with leukemia after Valentine’s Day. He has been hospitalized and has not able to come back to school. The students try to do many fundraisers to help the kids that have cancer, such as the toy drive Rilee and Sarah did.

Ever since he was diagnosed, Rilee Howington and Sarah Chirchirillo wanted to do something to help him. They went to Ms. Collings, a seventh grade social studies teacher, for ideas and came up with a toy drive. Then the girls went to Mrs. Carpenter to make the toy drive come together.

The grade that raised the most toys for the toy drive got free seating in the lunchroom. In the end seventh grade won. Over one hundred toys were collected. Sarah, one of the founders of the toy drive, mentioned,” We did not have a goal but it would have been around sixty.” It was a very successful fundraiser. All of the kids that got toys were overjoyed. Sarah and Rilee concurred,” We felt like we should contribute in helping out Nicholas and other kids.”