3rd Grade Weekly Update

September 21-25

What a great second week of school! We appreciate all of your support and are enjoying our time with your children.

Objectives for the week...

Reading: We will identify and create a plot mountain for various fiction texts.

Writing: We will brainstorm ideas for a fiction writing.

Social Studies: We will continue to identify characteristics of being a good citizen.

Math: We will represent numbers up to hundred thousand's place in various ways. We will round numbers to the hundred thousand's place using number lines.

Science: We will describe matter by it's physical and measurable properties.

3rd Grade Place Value Websites to Support at Home:

3rd Grade MATTER Resources and Ideas to Practice at Home for Science:

https://www.coolkidfacts.com/states-of-matter-for-kids/ (WEBSITE ON STATES OF MATTER)

https://www.abcya.com/games/states_of_matter (interactive website)

Ways to Practice at Home:

Have your child find an object around the house (it is matter). Ask them to explain some of the physical properties it has.

Have your child do an at-home scavenger hunt to find objects that would be considered a solid, a liquid, and a gas. They can sort them into the three main states of matter!

3rd Grade Homework and Tests

Math/Science: No tests this upcoming week! For homework, make sure you are practicing your addition and subtraction facts. Create flashcards, play online fact games, roll two dice and add them together. Starting soon, we will move to multiplication facts!

Writing: We will have a spelling test over long vowel words with the magic e at the end.

Social Studies: We will have our citizenship major grade on Wednesday. Students will bring home a foldable to study next week.

Reading: No tests this week!