Fernand Point

By: Jennette L. Martinez


Birth Date: February 25, 1897

Birth place: Louhans, France

Early life: both parents were successful chef. He started at an early age working in the best restaurants in France!

Family: was married to Marie Louise

Date Of Death: March 04, 1955 at the age of 58

Place Of Death: Vienne, Isere, France

Education/ Empolment/ Restaurants

No Education... Or I just couldn't find any information!

His working situation he had worked in restaurants with his parents. From there he had open his own restaurant called "La Pyramide". Then he decided to take in 3 apprentices and trained them to be master French chiefs. then they later open another restaurant shortly after World War 1. Ant, the shorty closed it?


He had written one book called "Ma Gastronomie" which was about technical instead of regular recipes.

He also claims to be a philosopher.