The lonely girl

The fable by: Ella Williams

There one was a lonely girl who was in 7th grade. It was her first day and she do not know anyone. She was very desperate for a friend, but didn't got one for a month. Her friends name was Tiffany Bradford and was popular. Tiffanys aunterage "liked" the girl too and had to meet her. On a Friday night they had a sleepover and invited the lonely girl. The lonely girl came to the party and had a very good time. Until they played truth or dare. Tiffany asked the lonely girl a truth question about something embarrassing. The lonely girl answered in an embarrassing way and everyone laughed at her, and Tiffany posted it on Instagram. It got 1000 likes in 10 minutes and went viral. The lonely girl was so sad and called her mom to take her home. The lonely girl fell asleep crying.

When she went back to school on Monday she had no friends, everyone laughed at her, and Tiffany Bradford and her aunterage hated her, and she hated them. The lonley girl never let it go.

The moral of the story is to never be desperate for a friend, or else you will end up with the wrong crowd

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