Touching Spirit Bear

Will a bear change a boys life or will it kill him!?


Once there was a boy named Cole and one day he beat up a boy named Peter. Now Peter has a lot of problems and he can't do as much as he could originally do. Now Cole has to go through a system called circle justice. Circle Justice is where you go through a different punishment instead of going to jail. Soon they decided to send him to a deserted island.


Soon when Cole is on the island he meets the Spirit Bear. He decides to attack it but the Spirit Bear decides to attack back. Cole gets mauled by the bear and lays there dieing slowly.


Will Cole not get help and die or will he be found in time to live. Also will Peter and his parents ever forgive him. Find out by reading Touching Spirit Bear.

My Opinion

I would rate this book 10 out of 10 stars because once you read the book you can't stop because it is a really fun book to read. Make sure you read this book because you will love it.


Thank you for listening to my Smore I hope you liked it!