Benjamin Franklin

By sarah Jaylee and Jackson


He was born January 17,1706. lived in Boston Massachusetts. While in his childhood, He made paddles for his hands and feet to swim faster.

When he got pulled out of school because he wasn't good at algorithm. So he slipped stupendous papers that his brother put in the news paper. Bens writer name was do-gooder, and when his brother found out he got mad.

At age seventeen, he ran away to Philadelphia and became a candle stick maker.

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Important Invetions

When he was young, he invented Paddles that go on your hands and feet that will make you swim faster.

Latter on, he invented Bifocals now known as Glasses. Now, if you have poor eye sight you can see!

The lighting Rod, this helped houses from being struck by lighting by hitting the lighting rod instead

Franklin Stoves, This was one of the first stoves, now people could cook things without hassle.

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Great Acoplishments

1. Discovering Electricity. We would be nowhere in this world without electricity. Thank goodness he flew a kite with a key in a storm to bring this amazing discovery to us.

2. Lightning rod, Know with this, houses will not get struck by lighting and will be safe in storms.

3.He was one of the best writers in his family. He even wrote an almanac.

Impact of inventions

The Bifocals, Now with the bifocals, people can see. If we didn't have that most people would not be able to drive or walk without having any accidents.

Electricity is the most helpful because if we didn't have electricity most of the stuff we have now wouldn't have to day and it would tack longer to produce are supplies.

fun facts!

1. He was the 15th child of 17

2.He had slaves but set them free later

3.Ben let peoples use his ideas for free


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