Tobacco (smokeless) Type: Stimulant

By: Meg and Raquel

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Street/Nick Names

Some street names for this drug are: Dip, chew, chaw, plug, and spit tobacco.

Where and how is it grown? What is in it?

Tobacco is grown as a plant in North and South America. It is then processed with added ingredients. Some things that are in chewing tobacco are: nuclear waste, cancer causing substances, embalming fluid, nicotine (addictive drug), substances used in BATTERIES, cyanide (very poisonous), arsenic (very poisonous), benzene (used in motor fuels), and lead (nerve poison).

Form of drug, and how it enters the body?

This drug comes in two forms. Snuff, and Chewing Tobacco. Snuff is fine grained tobacco that comes in a tea bag like pouch. Chewing tobacco comes in shredded or twisted tobacco leaves. This drug enters the body by mouth, and is chewed or stuffed into the mouth, between the gum and cheek, and is slowly spit out.

Stimulants and what they have in common.

stimulants are a class of psychoactive drugs that increase energy in the brain. They temporarily elevate alertness, mood, and awareness. Some are legal and widely used, all can be addicting.

Long and Short term effects...

Chewing tobacco can cause mouth, tongue, cheek, gum, and throat cancer, cancer in the esophagus, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, increased risk in heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke, addiction to nicotine, leukoplakia, receding gums or gum disease, bone loss around the roots of the teeth, abrasion, cavities and tooth decay, tooth loss, stained and discolored teeth, and bad breath.

Any medical uses?

In earlier centuries it was hailed for its medical uses and cures, but now it is mostly just known for smoking and chewing.


It is a legal substance for people over the age 18. There are no consequences for processing or selling this drug as long as it is not being sold to someone under the age of 18. If you are caught selling tobacco to a minor it can result in a fine from 100- 1000 dollars, If you are caught doing it multiple times, you can be heavily fined and may lose your job.
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Graph of % of people that use smokeless tobacco...

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