Civil War

cilvil war

Civil War Notes

  • abraham lincoln was killed 5 days right after the war because there was a person that didn’t like that the north lose the war.

  • 11 states left the united states and made their own country and jefferson davis was the president.

  • 24 states stayed with the united states

  • everybody thought that the war was going to be short because it was 11 states vs 24 states

  • lincoln thought it was going to be only 90 days long

  • people would have have picnics on a hill to watch

  • they called the first war the war of bull run

  • lincoln helped end slavery during the war

  • slavery was ended in 1865

  • the battle of gettysburg was started in 1863

  • 1670 people were died when it ended

  • they said that each state had its own rule

  • tariff means attack

  • slavery divided the north and the south

  • the louisiana purchase was made in 1803 bought by england

  • but the louisiana purchase was spilt in half because of slavery and freedom

  • they said that any state can be a slave state if it wants to