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Hoovervilles were the popular names for rundown and shanty towns that were built by homeless people during the Great Depression. Hoovervilles were named after Herbert Hoover. Hoover was the president during the on set of the depression and many people blamed him for the depression.

(The American Journey pg. 727)

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Hoover's Reaction to the Depression

President Hoover thought that the crisis was just a temporary thing. He had thought we would be back on our feet in no time. Hoover had failed to act during the on set of the economic crisis. Hoover called on business leaders to not cut the wages or the production of goods. As time went on the people who needed help and were out of jobs kept rising. It simply was overwhelming. People all over the country wondered why Hoover had done nothing to end the suffering of the Depression.

(The American Journey pg. 727)



The Bonus Army

Tanks, machine guns, and cavalry, troops were led by General Douglas MacArthur and his partner Dwight D. Eisenhower. They were ordered by Hoover to enter the protesters' camp. They burned the camp, which made the Veterans and their families flee in terror. Americans were horrified that their government attacked their citizens. This was caused by Hoover who told the Bonus Army to do so. This made the Americans turn against president Hoover. The Americans wanted a new Government.

(The American Journey pg 728)

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Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower was born in Texas. He was President from 1953-1961. He was a Republican president. Eisenhower was elected from New York. He was also a soldier. He was partners with MacArthur for the Bonus Army march.

(The American Journey page 983)

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He was born on October 14, 1890 in Denison Texas. He was born into the military. He was also a army officer who led the Bonus Army with the help of Eisenhower. It was a very terrible thing that they did.

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Public Works

Hoover recognized that the Federal Government about the depression. He authorized a project called Public Works. This was projetcs such as highways, parks, and libraries. This was to create new jobs to earn money. However the government ran out of Money.

(The American Journey Pg. 272)

The Bonus Army Video clips

Bonus Army marches on Washington, DC 1932
Bonus Marchers


Hoover had thought the depression was only a temporary thing. He was wrong. He believed that we could be pulled through by the voluntary actions by private citizens and local Governments. Many Americans wondered why he was just standing there and doing nothing to pull the nation out of the suffering they were going through in this time.

(The American Journey pg.727


Hoover had finally decided to try something different in January of 1932. He had asked Congress to make the RFC. The RFC stands for reconstruction finance corporation. The RFC lent money to businesses. And it provided funds for state and local programs.

Although, sometimes the RFC's directors were reluctant to make risky loans.

(The American Journey pg.727)

The Election of 1932

The nations economy was crumbling to the ground. And this gave the democrats a lot of hope that they were going to win the election. The democrats had chosen Franklin.D.Roosevelt as they're candidate. He provided a new approach on politics. The republicans, however, had chosen Hoover as they're candidate for reelection. But already so many people had lost hope and faith in Hoover that he had a very very poor chance of winning. In the end it was Roosevelt who had won against Hoover in the election of 1932.

(The American Journey pg. 729-730)