what is the point of origin?

it doesn't have a specific origin. it is just considered to be the religion of the Islamic people.

how did the religon spread?

one way it spread was from the travels of merchants to nearby countries or businesses.

where is this tradition most influential today?

commonly found in Africa india and Nepal, and mainly practiced in southeast asia and india

how many followers are there worldwide?

about 950 million and about 14 percent of the worlds population.

is this monotheistic or polytheistic?

polytheistic, because they worship more than one god.

who is the main deity?

they have many deities

who founded the faith?

they do not have a specific founder

what do they call their holy book?

they do not have a holy book, but they follow by the vedas scriptures in their daily lives

how is the leadership organized?

they do not have a leadership, therefore they do not have a organization. this is because they do not have a common source as a religion

what are the basic beliefs of this religon?

they follow the vedas and the Upanishads. they mostly believe in reincarnation and the rites of passage

what sects of the religon has developed over time?

saivism, vaisnivism, and skativism have all evolved over time.