Against the Mexican American War

The American nation makes a most unjust war to the Mexicans

My Heart is not in this War

My name is William Lloyd Garrison, I am the founder, of the American Anti-Slavery society. I oppose the Mexican American War, as do all the good men.

United States only taught about themselves

The United States just wanted power and money. They wanted to have more land and territories, but the land was rightly owned by the Mexicans.

Expanding Slavery

Frederick Douglass described the U.S. annexation of Texas as a “conspiracy from the beginning to end, one of the darkest and foulest crimes ever committed by man.” I agree with this statement, President Polk was a slave owner, who wanted to expand slavery.

Expanding slavery will only create suffering and death upon the people. Why should we want that for our country? Mexico abolished slavery, threatening the power of slaveholders who wanted to expand the territory in which slaves could be legally held. The US troops wanted the opposite, they expanded slavery everywhere.

We Need to Protest

I’m asking people to protest by writing letter to congress, telling them to rethink about they're doing to innocent people. Congressman Abraham Lincoln, he spoke out in the congress against the war. Asked President Polk the exact spot where Mexicans supposedly shed American blood. He was against Polk pushing this war with Mexico. I am with him to the end; the United States doesn't have any right whatsoever to move into Mexico.