The Fury Of The Vesuvius

the worst volcano ever...

In the early afternoon of the 24th August the inhabitants of Pompeii were shouting and running with desperation and preoccupation because the whole city was falling behind them. As a consequence of the eruption of the Vesuvius, ashes and rocks were flying all around while the magma was fastly approaching the city and destroying everything through his path.

"That day I only cared about my life" said, Mirna Ashnikar -a 73 year-old lawyer, one of the victims of the terrible accident, yesterday evening, in Pompeii. "The whole city was covered by an enormous black cloud". What she said about the cloud, according to scientific studies meant that the burst was approaching to the city, it started with ashes falling down, pumice and blackened stones cracked by the flames. The shore was blocked by the debris of the mountain. The sea was retreated aparently forced by the earthquake.

Mirna Ashnikar, the last of the lasters

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The next morning

Today, most of the city is destroyed and devastated. The ashes are still on the street and debris are all around. Buildings fall down, and there are millions of deaths