Maria Montessori


Short Bio:

Maria was an Italian physician and educator. She believed that all young children have the ability and desire to learn words. She developed a teaching method to help them with that learning in Rome around the year of 1897.

Montessori Method: designed to increase mental development in young children.

Based off of these two things:

1) The need for freedom within limits.

2) A carefully prepared environment which guarantees exposure to materials and experiences.

Her method emphasizes the use of the five senses to develop cognitive and social skills.

In the picture below this is an example of a Montessori class room. Class sizes tend to be large and mixed in age groups. They also tend to be quiet and calm.

How is this method useful?

This method helps kids:

* be more interested in learning,
*have more self disciplined
* have a greater understanding of truth and fairness
*be more creative,especially in their writing
*have more independence
*have a better understanding of concepts from grammar and story structure to mathematical operations