Apple iTunes v. Google Play

What are the differences?

Focus of Stores

It seemed that Google play focused less on the apps than the Apple store. When it is opened, Google Play brings out mostly books, movies, and magazines. The Apple Store showed a large variety of things, also it shows the hottest and most popular items, before the others. Apple was very successful in how simple the layout of their store is and how easy it is to navigate through it.

Who is giving you a better deal?

Google Play apps, on average, are more expensive, regardless, Apple's store generates 4.3 times more cash.

All About the Apps

The total app count for Google Play and the Apple Store are considerably close with about 700,000 apps on each store. Apple however, does have a commanding lead in developers with 43,185, compared to Google Play's 10,199. Also, the Apple Store brings in a revenue, 4 times that of Google Play's revenue.

User Friendly?

When it comes to accessibility, both are about the same. They are both accessed by clicking a homescreen icon. The user interface of iTunes however, is said to be much more simple and less prone to freezing and crashes.

Who is better on Mobile?

The mobile experience of the two stores are both very good, it is hard to say which is better. The Apple store might be easier to use, with with very clean cut, visuals of information, but in my opinion, Google Play has a more fun look, with a lot of colorful pictures and tiles that move, this makes for a pleasing visual experience.

Overall Opinion

In my opinion I would give overall dominance and superiority to Apple. Apple is the pioneer of mobile apps, they have majority of the users and a higher revenue. They have the simplest and most clean user interface and store experience out there. I don't deny that Google Play has a few advantages, but for right now, it doesn't hold a candle to Apple.