Protect The Amazon Rainforest

By: Nicholas Rishel

Importance of The Amazonian Rain Forest


The Amazon Rain Forest provides the including some examples: Avocado,Breadfruit,Brazil Nuts,Cane Sugar,Cassava,Chayote,Chewing Gum,Eucalyptus oil,Guava,Hearts of Palms,Macadamia Nuts,Manioc/Tapioca,Coconut,Okra,Papaya,Passion Fruit,Plantain,Star Anise,Tolu Balsam, and Vermouth


Did you know that 10% of the worlds known species are in the Amazon Rain Forest here are some examples:Sloth,Macaw,Toucan,Amazon Pink Dolphin,Spider Monkey,Giant Anteater,Giant River Otter,Jaguar,Electric Eel,Piranha,Poison Dart Frog (as shown in the picture above) and etc..

Did you know that more than 20% of the world's oxygen comes from The Amazon? That's a lot for just a rain forest, its a big rain forest, but compare its size to the whole world's. It's not 20% of the world's size.

Amazonian Rain Forest Challenges

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The Amazon's trees and land get flattened/cleared 200 yards a second. That means 1 sq. km every 5 seconds, and 12 sq. km a minute, which leads to 720 sq. km an hour and so on. If there weren't people trying to stop/slow-down this the Amazon would probably get completely destroyed in 5 yrs or less.

The Amazon has also been experiencing some droughts lately. Which has been causing the rain forest to not get the amount of water that it needs so some of the trees are dying which is another cause of the rain forest shrinking.

Today, regional government programs and initiatives are trying to drill for oil in the rain forest which is killing and burning a lot of the trees and there it is again another reason why the Amazon is shrinking.


This week while I was working on this project is that we the people are using a lot of the Amazon's resources and then some people treat it poorly back by deforestation,oil drilling,precious metal drilling, and ect. with regard or respect or even thankfulness to what it has provided to them ,and they are greedy and want more from it so they just take it and then they don't care about the Amazon.I think that the Amazon is important to everyone especially South America, because like I mentioned earlier that we get a lot of resources from it and that over 20% of the worlds oxygen comes from there and we might think we wouldn't notice if it was gone, but trust me, we would. And just because a lot of people are disrespecting the rain forest doesn't mean that everyone is for example the Amazon Conservation Association is trying to protect Biodiversity and in order to do that they have to help protect and support the whole Amazonian Rain Forest.