Scrypt Asic


Scrypt Asic works As Power Booster For System

The world’s most advanced Scrypt ASIC has turbo charge Bitcoin & Litecoin mining which works on parallel. More power efficiency, faster mining speed, dual mining option. The latest 55-nm ASIC supports 3 modes:- B mode: BTC/SHA mining only(can mine any SHA currency) , L mode: Litecoin/Scrypt mining only(can mine any scrypt currency) and B & L mode: Bitcoin/SHA & Litecoin/Scrypt mining on parallel. It is easy to pug and play. It also consume less power.

A single GridSeed unit consists of 5 GC3355 55nm Chips capable of mining Scrypt at approximately 350 KH/s, and SHA-256 at around 11.25 GH/s. As both modes work together and both have their own unique performance which helps to give different performance.

Gridseed latest version