Term 4 Week 11

Counting down - 3 more school days left.....

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday...

Well here we are the final three days of school. There are not a lot of formal lessons-more of a tidy up in the classroom and some quality fun time together. Once again I would like to express my sincere thanks for your support this year. Starting school is such a major milestone in the life of a child and I believe a strong relationship between parent and teacher is the key to maximising the learning opportunities for students. I will miss my' little guys' but will keep a keen eye out for them next year:) All the best for a relaxing festive season.

Monday: Cris Cringle / Secret Santa gift giving today. Please send in a fabric bag for students to put their books and art work in.

Tuesday: Games day today children are invited to bring in their favourite boardgame to school to play. Please make sure games are named.

Wednesday: Last day of the year... Beach activities and movie morning. Colour run in the afternoon kindergarten due to run at about 12.30.

Kind regards

Tracy Gould