Tundra Biome

By : Shamaryee Dalton


Abiotic and biotic factors

The biotic factors are fungi moss shrubs insects fish birds and other mammals . The abiotic factors are temperature wind rain sunlight snow soil rocks and permafrost . The biotic factors depend on the abiotic factors and each other for survival .


Climate is the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period . Tundra climate is cold and windy rainfall is scant . Tundra lands are snow-covered until summer brings flowers . Winter temperatures don't reach about 20 degrees Fahrenheit and average -20 degrees to -30 degrees.
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Plant Life

Plant life in the tundra is plentiful . Some of the plants are bearberry , arctic moss , caribou moss , and the diamond leaf willow . The bearberry uses adaption to stay out of the way of the ripping tundra wind . Caribou mosses grow on the ground and on rocks .

Animal life

Some of the animals in the tundra are bald eagles , polar bears , white wolves , and grizzly bears. White wolves have a thick undercoat of soft fur over a coat of long thick hair , to help reduce heat loss the have small rounded ears a short muzzle and shorter legs than other wolves . Polar bears have a thick oily fur coat and a layer of blubber under the skin which protects them through the cold winter .
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Food web

A food web is system of interlocking food-chains . The picture below is a tundra food web in this food webs in shows the feeding relationships and the level .
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Relationship panel

  • Mutalism - When both species benefit.
  • Commensalism- When 1 organism benefits and the other one in not harmed .
  • Parasitism - One benefits and the other is harmed .
  • Competition - 2 organisms compete with each-other.
  • Predation - The preying of 1 animlal on another .
  • An example of mutalism is fungus and green alga .
  • Commenalism example : whale and barnacles
  • An example of parasitism is a liver tapeworm cysts and moose.
  • Example of competention : musk ox and a caribou .
  • An example of preditation would be : Rabbits eat the grass and a hawk eats the rabbit .
  • Tundra come from the word tunturia which means treeless land.