By Mercedes Rodriguez Gomez


Base of everything in my life.

Love is everywhere, you just need to stop and realize

all you have. Friends, family, people who care about you.

Without love life doesn't have sense. Why do you live for?


We feel good when when we feel we are

important pieces in other's people life.

We like to be respected, because no one

likes to feel minuscule.

This is respect.


Lies are shorter ways that give us an excuse for a just

a second, but then they are destined to have a bad ending.

Also lies have consequences.

I know sometimes we just want to tell a lie because we don't

want to admit the truth, but at the end all the lies are discovered

and we suffer more than if we telling the truth first


He is always there for us, no matter what is our problem,

he will be listening.

Throughout our whole life.