One-Room Schoolhouses

Early schools that dotted the American landscape.

Daily Life in Arkansas Schools

One-Room schools in Arkansas were just like all the others, kids walked to school, the Christmas recital was held once a year; their mothers packed them a PB&J for lunch everyday. Although teachers were strict, and the room only held 28 kids at a time. The curriculum was still great and the kids learned a lot. I am going to talk to you about the Jefferson County School District.

Jefferson County School District

Lake Dick School District

In this district, kids had homework everyday just like we do today. Students were required to stay quiet and remain in their seats until the teacher gave them further directions. The students always worked together, so the teacher did nothing but watch and there was no room for goofing off. The school had double desks, there was also a divider separating the different grades. There were windows on both sides of the school and wood stoves on both sides. At the back of the room there were two coat closets. As far as curriculum goes, the main focus was reading, comprehension and writing. Looking through the objectives on my resources, I can see that their main focus was english, grammar, etc. These schools have tons and tons of history behind them, and it seems like it would have been a great learning environment. I really like how the school allows you to work with other. I really would have liked to attend this school!