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Should students be able to listen to headphones during class


I believe that students should be able to listen to music during class because it is more relaxing, helpful, and makes class not boring.

It helps the brain.

Did you know music makes the brain learn better? Specific musical structures stimulate specialized brain circuits permitting students to convert complicated ideas more easily. Did you know music helped Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration Of Independence? He played his violin to help him figure out the words to put on the paper.

It is relaxing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music is relaxing. According to the article "Music and Learning" on website, "Music relaxes the mind and lowers stress levels that inhibit learning. When used effectively, it increases alpha levels in the brain, boosting memory and recall and allowing the brain to access reserve capacities." This is also why students memorize songs easier than most everything else.

Experts Interviews

Cheyenne Petersen interviewed a few people about this topic. Heavyn Stears said whenever she has a test, the night before when she is studying she listens to music because it helps her memorize the test answers.

Students Opinions

Music helps improve a student's work habits. Sara Lee, a student in my Language Arts class says, "When I listen to music, it help me focus like when you chew gum." When a student is focusing, it improves the student's work habit.

Its fun!!!!!

Furthermore, students enjoy listening to music, and listening to music helps students learn better. Listening to music during school will make students like going to school. My fourth grade teacher would play music while we were working, because from her experience music actually helps the student learn easier.
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Counter Argument

Students are at school to learn, not sort out their play lists. Once you allow children to listen to music once, they then seem to think it is their right, and every lesson then starts with a negative because the teacher has to explain why the students cant listen to music immediately. Now I believe that teachers should have some restrictions on the kids. If kids are taking test, then no they should not. But, if they are doing daily work, then yes, they should allow them to listen to music.