Violence in School

Cause and Effects

Why does violence happen in school?

I think violence can occur from a multitude of reasons. A bad day can lead to violence or maybe the person who caused violence gets beat up at home or the people at school bullied him to violence.

There's always a story for both sides.

A mental health illness, revenge, retribution, or just impulsive behavior can lead to violence. It's hard to try and prevent violence because you can't actually know deep down know what someone is thinking or planning. That's why we have more ways to combat violence then ways in preventing it.

Advice on Preventing Violence

I think kids should create a support group of friends and family so if they had a bad day there would be someone to help them. You're less likely to start violence when your happy than if you're angry or sad. The kids who start violence are the ones who are unhappy, angry, depressed or sad without anyone to lean on.

What not to do

People who are bullying other kids non-stop are more prone to start violence because they usually have no support with friends or family, even the kid getting bullied might start something if he/she doesn't have anyone to support them.

Risks to Health

Violence in school can have some severe health risks to suicide, depression, fights and even in rare cases shootings.

Who Can You Go to for Help?

If you have a support group of family and friends you can try talking to them if not maybe try finding a trusted adult or parent and if it's physical calling the police could be an option