Rabbit Habbits

What is a Bunny?

Bunnies are small creatures NOT from the rodent family. There are 48 different rabbit breeds. Some of which are Angoras, Mini Lops, Dutches, and American Fuzzy Lops. Bunnies can weigh from 2lbs to 18lbs depending on the breed.

Bunny Biology

Rabbits are built very differently than other pets. The look "stupid" because their eyes are on the sides of the heads opposed to the front like dogs, cats, and humans. They also eat a lot for their size. They need to eat a lot because they lose over double the amount of nitrogen in their poop than what most other animals lose.
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Bunny Behavior

To stay safe and keep warm, wild rabbits dig burrows in the ground to live in. Naturally, domesticated rabbits also like to dig holes; they just normally don't live in them. Bunnies will often "chin" things to show that it belongs to them. Chinning leaves a sent on the object that humans can't smell. Thumping is a form of communication to other bunnies telling them that there is danger near by.

Random Bunny Facts

  • Like beavers, bunny teeth never stop growing
  • Bunnies can live between 8-12 years
  • Bunnies are very similar to horses
  • A 4 pound bunny drinks more water than a 20 pound dog
  • Bunnies should not take baths
  • Bunnies also have a very fradgile digestive system
Girl Eaten by Hungry Bunnies! The Rabbit Island Challenge!