The All American Slurp

When Mrs.Lin and her family was invited to there first American meal they were all surprised by what Americans eat. So they tried some food and they all ended up liking it. They ended up really liking there type of food that the Americans ate. Then the Lins invited the Gleasons over for dinner at their house. The Gleasons were not used to the eating style of the Chinese family. When they ate the Gleasons did not have there standard table manners. But they still liked their food

Rising Action:The lins moved in to America and invited to a American dInner

Turning Point: The Lins ended up liking there food.

Climax:The American family was invited over to the A Chinese dinner and disrespected some of there manners

Falling Action: She realized they may have disrespeced there manners too.

Denouement: They were all friends and realized there differences