Antigone Newspaper

Due Friday, January 10

Learning Targets

  • I can produce writing in which the style is appropriate to the task, purpose, and audience
  • I can use digital media.
  • I can evaluate the use of visual images in media for their ability to inform.
  • I can evaluate the use of special effects in media for their ability to inform


Create a newspaper for the play Antigone which includes at least 4 articles and two images.


  1. Open a new document in Microsoft Word.
  2. Go to File and pull down to New. You will see many templates to choose from.
  3. Choose Newletter template and pick one you want to use for your newspaper.
  4. Save the template to your H drive. (Call it Antigone Newspaper or something like that).
  5. Give your newspaper a name. Think of something related to the play Antigone and use a word like Journal, Times, Tribune, Post etc. with it so it sounds like an official newspaper. (Star Tribune, New York Times)
  6. Open your google docs and find your group members’ articles.
  7. Copy and paste your group members’ articles into the newspaper template. You will have to adjust font size and margins to make it work. The headlines should appear distinct from the article, so you will want to bold it and perhaps make it a larger size.
  8. Add at least 2 images to the newspaper.

Keep your newpaper to 2 pages maximum!!!


If you finish early, add other items to your newspaper to make it more authentic. You could add a Dear Abby section, a Sports article, an entertainment section, or want ads.


  • Two award-winning newspapers will be chosen from each hour. The winner will receive a prize (probably candy J) and their work will be displayed on the OSH Home page.
  • Many of the newspapers (not just contest winners) will be displayed in the classroom and English hallway as well.