Alpharetta High School

Week of September 19th

Upcoming Dates

September 19 - 6 week ends

September 20 – Fire Drill – beginning of Anchor Time

September 21 - load and verify 6 week grades

September 22 – 6 week reports disseminated

September 26 - Case Manager Roles and Responsibilities meeting, rm. 5104, 3:45 - 4:30

September 26 – October 28 – Gallup Poll for all Sophomores and Juniors through World History and US History classes

September 28 - CPR/AED - refresher course during both lunches in room 2216 (This training is for certified CPR/AED staff members only)

September 29 – Fall Orchestra Concert

October 3 or 4 – Faculty Meeting

October 7 – Pink Out

October 10 – Columbus Day Holiday – SCHOOLS CLOSED

October 11 – Professional Development Day (students off)

October 12 – AED Drill (includes soft lockdown drill)

October 14, 15, and 16 – 1 ACT PLAY

October 18 - School Governance Meeting

October 18 – Fall Chorus Concert

October 19 - PSAT

October 19 – Balance Night

October 20 – Junior Night, 7 PM

October 21 – Big three drills – intruder, tornado, evacuation - to the stadium for the pep rally

October 21 – Fall Pep Rally & Homecoming Game

October 22 – Homecoming Dance

It's PTSA Minigrant Time!

Teachers -

The PTSA minigrant application is attached to this week's newsletter email. Departments may submit one proposal as long as every member in the department is a member of PTSA. This year's application deadline is October 16th.

This Is The Year: Our One Chance Inspire (Inspiring video for new school year)

Feedback on the 1st Professional Learning/IG session needed

Please take 5 minutes to complete this four question survey to help us prepare for next month's professional learning session:

Please consider attending a feedback session on 504 and IEP processes at AHS

As a Professional Learning Community, we are ALWAYS looking for ways to learn from one another and make improvements. Thus, Thomas will lead two feedback sessions using the Peeling the Onion protocol. Everyone is invited; the more voices we hear, the better. The sessions will be hosted on Monday, September 19th during both lunches in room 3218.

Take Attendance during Anchor Time

Although teachers cannot take attendance in TAC, teachers are expected to keep a hard copy of weekly Anchor Time Attendance. Thank you!

Raider Cafe now delivers to AHS classrooms and offices!

As you all know, our Raider Café serves wonderful breakfasts and fantastic lunches daily. Some of you may not be able to participate in our lunch program due to time restraints, etc. Your prayers are being answered!!!

The Cafeteria will be starting lunch deliveries (with the help of Student Counsel—thank you—Whitney!). In order to not interfere with any other group and their lunch deliveries, the cafeteria will be taking and delivering lunches on Mondays and Tuesday. Of course, you are always welcome to come to the cafeteria! J

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Send an email request to have a lunch account opened for you. I will need to know if you are a sub or regular teacher. You must have a lunch account with funds on it to participate. (Lunch is cheaper with me than Zaxby’s!)

  2. Put money on your account (through mypaymentsplus or bring me cash or check—I don’t charge a fee).

  3. Emails will be sent each afternoon with the next day’s menu. If you don’t see something that strikes your fancy, please let me know. We have lots of salad offerings as well.

  4. Email your lunch order in by 8:30am the next day and include if you want it during first or second lunch.

  5. Enjoy your meal!!!

As a side note: if you have an allergy or say you don’t like onions on your salad, please let me know so that we may make those accommodations. Also, I LOVE to cook and bake—so I might include something fun in your lunch as well on occasion.

This will start on October 3rd, Monday.

Friday Nights at Mr. Taco

Want to grab a quick bite before the home game or relax with colleagues before heading home for the weekend? Head down to Mr. Taco for 15% off your meal. Just tell the waiter you are a Raider, and he or she will remove 15% off.

Need extra money? Want to help our students?

AHS is looking for an academic team coach to lead our students during the 2016-2017 school year. This position is a paid supplement (over 2,000) for a yearlong commitment to the nationally ranked team. The outgoing team coach is still employed here at AHS and is willing to assist in any transitional items necessary for a smooth start to the academic competition schedule.

Please let Mike Scheifflee know if you are interested in this exciting opportunity to work with our students.

Congratulations to our wonderful staff members!

Want to have some fun?

Imagine bowling against your department chair or playing laser tag on a team with your department administrator!

Join us in for a staff outing on November 7th from 4 - 6 at Stars and Strikes. For $18.00 you get an hour of bowling with shoe rental, 2 pieces of pizza, unlimited soft drinks, one game of laser tag, and two hours of games.

November 7th is a AHS PD day and the November 8th is a FC work day, so you can have some fun in between! RSVP to Rebecca at

Register to VOTE!

If any of the criteria listed below applies, you need to update your voter registration:

a. Not voted in any election since the 2012 presidential election

b. Moved to a new residential address

c. Recently married

d. Changed last name for any reason

AHS staff members can update their voter registration by coming to the cafeteria on Monday, September 19 during A or B lunch.

*NOTE: In Georgia, when you do not vote for 2 consecutive years in any elections, Georgia purges you off the voting rolls, which makes you ineligible to vote on November 8, 2016.

AHS Morning Show

The AHS Morning Show should be shown at the beginning of first period every Wednesday and Friday; time is built into our bell schedule for daily announcements. The show shares valuable information and builds community. Thank you for your attention to this communication matter.
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Ideas for this year's Seed Fund Request?

Because we are a charter district, each year our School Governance Committee may ask for a one time purchase to help our school. Do you have ideas for this expenditure? The purchase should align with our Strategic Plan, which is posted on our school website. Please place any ideas in the form below:

Project-based learning resources

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Marching Band Exhibition

If you’re looking for a great activity this weekend, check out the Fulton County Marching Band Exhibition on Saturday, September 17, 5:45 p.m., at Tri-Cities High School in East Point. There is no admission charge and parking is free. All of our high school bands are scheduled to perform. Those who cannot attend in person can watch a live broadcast of the event at

September Birthdays

Geoff Terry 1

Vonda Rice 6

Tanoni Houston 8

Allie Kornegay (Tubiak) 11

Tracey Eick 12

Kim Holliday 15

Ira Jenkins 17

Katherine Rozei 18

Shawnte Fripp 19

David Boyd 21

Susan Chamberlin 21

Luther Whitaker 21

Jason Burton 27

Rita Flowers 27

Jeff Klein 27

Linda Nutter 27

Flanny Richards-Boyles 29

Amy Longstreth 30

Pink Out Honorees

The Pink Out Committee wants to know if any AHS staff or community member or anyone close to an AHS staff member should be one of the Breast Cancer Honorees for this year's Pink Out on October 7th.

If you or someone you know should be honored at this event, please contact:

Allison Downing


Pink Out Shirts

AHS Pink Out Football Game is on Friday, October 7 @ 7:30 PM. Pink Out t-shirts will be on sale for $10 each during both lunches on these dates: 9/21, 9/23, 9/28, 9/30, 10/5 & 10/7. Back design included.

Changes with Recycling pick up at AHS

Our wonderful ID Department will be taking over the recycling the week of September 19th. Everyone will now get their recycling picked up 1st period. Every hallway and office will have a new day assigned to them, Monday-Thursday. This will provide an opportunity for the students to begin learning job skills necessary for employment in the future. HUGE thank you to Whitney and her Leadership Class for allowing our department to take over! We will be sending out new recycling reminders in outlook. If someone doesn’t receive a calendar invitation please contact to find out when your hallway/office gets picked up! Thank you in advance for everyone’s flexibility with the changes occurring with recycling pick up!

New Teacher Meeting Dates

  • Oct 5- AM (7:30am- 8:15am) or PM (3:40pm- 4:25pm)

  • Nov 7- RFF Day- Time TBD

  • Dec 7- AM(7:30am- 8:15am) or PM (3:40pm- 4:25pm)

  • Jan 17- RFF Day- Time TBD

  • Feb 8- AM (7:30am- 8:15am) or PM (3:40pm- 4:25pm)

  • Mar 31- RFF Day- Time TBD

  • May 3- AM (7:30am- 8:15am) or PM (3:40pm- 4:25pm)

All meetings will take place in room 2321

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Get ready, Raiders!

September 19th is International "Talk Like a Pirate Day" and as Raiders we need to represent. Wear your best Raider/Pirate wear (appropriate, of course!) and talk like a pirate all day long!

College Wear Wednesdays start on September 21st

Beginning September 21st through October 19th (PSAT day) wear your favorite college wear and jeans to bring college awareness to all our students. This is also a great day to spend some time preparing students for this upcoming assessment.

Have a custodial need?

Please record your need here:

If for some reason the request does not get fulfilled, please email Rebecca directly at

Quote for the week

"The man who moves mountains begins by carrying away small stones." - Confucius

Educator Day at Zoo Atlanta

At our Fall Educator Appreciation Day on September 17, Zoo Atlanta will thank educators for all that they do by offering them free admission to the Zoo (educator ID required).

Educators include early childhood – university level school teachers, child care workers, homeschool parents, informal educators, administrative and support staff, para-professionals and active Georgia PTA members (one PTA member per family; rest of household receives discounted admission).

Any additional guests will receive $2 off general admission.

Learn more and register online for Express Entry by clicking here!

Don't forget to complete the county policies/procedures review!

FCS requests that our returning employees review some essential policies/training materials annually, so that there is an awareness of the serious expectations outlined in each. The list of this information is accessed and submitted electronically in order to establish a record of the training. It is not an exhaustive list. Also, when policy revisions are made or new ones created, a systemic alert is made to notify district personnel of the policy change(s). (If you are a new hire this is part of your “First 30 days” requirements; please review the instructions listed on the New Employee portal page link).

In order to complete this review,

  1. Please go to, Human Resources/Talent Department the bottom of the page

  2. Click on Access Personnel Records/Forms link (at bottom right of page)

  3. Log in using your FCS email address and click on Forgot Password to have the information sent to you if you don’t recall the password (it may not be your normal network password) OR to receive your initial password

  4. Click on Forms tab, Start New Form and select Employee Policy Code/Review

  5. Click on Start Form to begin your review

Several of the essential trainings are housed in Edivate. Edivate has recently undergone an update and how you access the trainings has changed. Watch this brief tutorial to see how to access required trainings and other trainings/courses: Edivate Basic Navigation

It is important that all read Policy GAM (Staff Rights and Responsibilities). Failure to report an arrest within the stated timeline (5 days) can result in the immediate termination of one’s employment with FCS. The electronic Notice of Employee Arrest form is on the HR portal and is to be used for submitting an official notice to the Employee Relations department.

Finally, OCTOBER 31, 2016 is the deadline for completing this review. Again, the checklist is not exhaustive, and it is expected that employees are aware of all the FCBOE policies/procedures that inform their work. Board policies, procedures, and operating guidelines are accessible via the district website.

Please contact the Technology Help Desk if you need assistance, or 470-254-4357.

Raider "Balance Days" for 2016-17 - mark your calendars!

We want to create a community filled with more balanced lives. The School Governance Council proposed a solution, and the Instructional Leadership Team agreed; thus, we have declared two nights a semester during the 2016-17 school year as "Balance Days."

October 19th

November 16th

February 15th

March 15th

The nights above are Wednesday nights the week of the 17th (to celebrate the class of 2017), and on these nights there will not be any homework assigned, no assessments will occur the next day, and no AHS meetings will be scheduled.

The idea is that Raiders will go home right after school and work to create balance in their lives. Staff members and students alike will take a night off. Club sponsors and coaches and directors may hold meetings and practices and games as needed. We feel students release stress through these extracurricular activities.

Please plan to enjoy yourself and work your assessments around these dates this year.

Flu Shots at AHS

It’s that time of year again for the flu vaccine. We have a wonderful partnership with Maxim Health and Student Health Services to offer you the flu vaccine right here at school. The greatest news is that if we have 25 staff members (spouses and children over the age of 13 are allowed to come if they hold the same insurance) signed up that have BCBS through FCBOE the injection will be covered and filed with their insurance.

Ø Accept the following insurances: Medicare Part B, Aetna, Anthem CA (PPO only), Anthem CO, Anthem CT, Anthem GA, Anthem IN, Anthem KY, Anthem ME, Anthem MO, Anthem VN, Anthem NH, Anthem, OH, Anthem VA, Anthem WI, BCBS of MA, BCBS of IL, BCBS of NC, BCBS of RI, BCBS of TX (PPO ONLY), BCBS of MA, Florida Blue, Humana, Independence BCBS, Healthspring, Premera Blue Cross, Sierra Health & Life, SummaCare, (Medicare Advantage plan is accepted under these insurance carriers)

Ø For any others who would like to participants the cost is $26.00 (check)

  • Strains in vaccine this year: A/California/7/2009 (H1N1)pdm09-like virus A/Hong Kong/4801/2014 (H3N2)-like virus B/Brisbane/60/2008-like virus (B/Victoria lineage)

Our clinic is scheduled for:

Friday, October 7th from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Please sign up on the sheet in the CLINIC by October 4th by 1:00 pm

Please sign up ONE person per line (this includes family members) and list your insurance.

You will need to have your Insurance card and driver’s license the day of the clinic.


TracyLynn Wagner, RN, BSN

Alpharetta Cluster Nurse/ Student Health Services / Fulton County Schools
Cell 404-401-5546 /