The Juvenile Justice System

By: Marissa Garrison, Meredith Gummerman, Will Humphries

Main ideas:

  • The juvenile justice system is designed to deal with youths who break the law.
  • Before 1900, the law treated children like adults
  • Each state has its own juvenile justice system with its own law and practices.
  • When a youth is arrested for a crime the police have the authority to decide what to do next.
  • Juveniles do not have the right to a trail by jury.

Important words:

  • Juvenile- an individual who is under an age set by law (usually 18 years) at which he or she can be charged as an adult for a crime.
  • Rehabilitate- restore to a useful life, usually through treatment and education.
  • Delinquent- having failed to do what the law requires, according to a judicial ruling.
  • Restitution- act of making up in some way for the harm caused by the accused person.
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