Is the NSA Really Protecting Us?

We Think So

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The justified NSA.

I think that its justified because they probably don't care about useless data and phone calls and you shouldn't be worried unless you're a terrorist. We also agreed to it when signing up for our cellphones. They use it to try and protect us from our nations enemies. They use it to try and protect us from terrorist, and they cant monitor almost a billion people at once.

It is right because they help keep us safe from terrorists. If we get kidnapped they can track our location from our phone and get us home to our family. Sense 9/11 we have not had a serious terrorist attack like that thanks to NSA! These are good examples of why we need to support the NSA.

Public Supports Security Over Privacy

So far, public opinion has come down on the side of preventing terrorism, according to a poll by the Pew Research Center and The Washington Post.

Almost two-thirds of those polled said investigating security threats takes a higher priority than preserving personal privacy.. Online surveillance has been effective and is an important tool in the fight against terrorism.But the best justification for the program has been what has not occurred. Since 9/11, there has only been one major terror attack on U.S. soil.