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WHAT'S NEW? (September 4, 2015)

Hi Parents,

We are off to a great start in Room 201! We went through the getting-to-know-you process and are learning the procedures in the classroom. We will continue that for the next few weeks until we get into a routine.

We will be communicating a lot this school year. There will be so much to tell you about our 5th grade curriculum, school events, changes in schedules, tests, field trips, etc. I will be sharing all of this information through the "Smore" website, which offers a flyer-type format. I will be able to post pictures, add links, videos, and other important information such as weekly vocabulary words or field trip permission slips.

Please expect an email each Friday (or sometime over the weekend) that will inform you of all what we learned in school that week. This will give you some topics for conversation with your child about school.

Once again this year, they will also be taking the PARCC tests (replacing the ISAT tests) on a computer. Here is where keyboardng skills are a must. We will be spending time in class to practice using TTL4 (Type to Learn). However, more time spent at home will be beneficial.

It was nice to see all of you at "Curriculum Night". I enjoyed meeting you and chatting about the classroom. Please feel free to contact me for any concerns you may have.

Enjoy your LONG weekend,
Mrs. Sanchez and Mrs. Mirza


This week in Math, we discussed the importance of making mistakes in class. Mistakes are a big part of learning and the students are expected to make them everyday. We went over the expectations of Math Workshop, which included working independently, with a partner, and in a small group. We also talked about different problem solving strategies and created a chart to help us remember them.

Click below for extra Math help:

Reader's Workshop

This week in Reader's Workshop we discussed the important of what to do when your comprehension breaks down. Good readers stop and think throughout the book, refocus if their mind wanders, and reread if necessary, We will continue to stress using fix-up strategies throughout the year. The students worked hard to construct their Readers Notebook. Here is where they will keep track of all the books they have read, take notes on lessons, and compose letters about their independent reading.

Click below for the 2016 Caudill Nominees:

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we reviewed the 13 Colonies in order to prepare the events leading to the American Revolution. While no one event can be pointed to as the actual cause of the revolution, the war began as a disagreement over the way in which Great Britain treated the colonies versus the way the colonies felt they should be treated.

"NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION" will be the focus for the next few weeks.

Writer's Workshop

In Writers Workshop this week, the students wrote about their summer vacations. They brainstormed ideas and narrowed down their topic to choose one or two of their favorite activities. They drew a picture to go along with their story.

Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • Monday, September 7th
NO SCHOOL- Labor Day

  • Tuesday, September 8th
Coffee With the Principal (8:45)

  • Wednesday, September 9th
Greyhound Games (5:30-6:45)

  • Thursday, September 10th
Greyhound Games RAIN DATE

  • Friday, September 11th
Greenbriar Block Parent Day and Bike to School

  • Monday, September 14th
NO SCHOOL (Rosh Hashanah)

Ask Your Child About.....

Our read aloud book, Wonder
Safety Drills (tornado and fire drills)
Mrs. Able's visit to our classroom
Voice Levels in the hallway
Filling a bucket
Meeting new friends