4C News

Sunday, October 14th, 2018


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We have begun Module 2. The first lesson is tricky as the kids struggle to keep the conversion from centimeters to meters based on 100. The other conversions are based on 1,000, so they want to apply that when working with centimeters and meters. Look for Module 1 tests to come home Monday. Please see the attached flyer below for more information regarding Module 2. It's a short one and we'll likely finish it next week!

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We are just about finished with Module 1. Yesterday and today we spent reviewing for the assessment. Hopefully we will take the assessment on Monday, I may possibly move it to Tuesday depending on how Monday's quick review goes. Module 2 is a short one on converting numbers in the metric system. We will convert between units and add and subtract using metric measurements. I hope to start module 2 on Tuesday or Wednesday. I will send home an overview of the module with the kids when we begin.I have been asked by parents how can I help at home. My answer is always to work on recall of basic facts in addition, subtraction, and multiplication​

Parent Conferences

Please see the link below to sign up! I made adjustments to the slots available on Thursday, December 6th.


PAWS ~ Well, we didn't make the goal of officially starting this week. I have five students left to meet with regarding their practice piece. It's ok though, I am learning so much about the kids! Let's plan to officially start next week. I'll have the assignment ready to go on Friday for those who might want to get an early start. It will be due on Friday the 26th.

Halloween Party

Look for the sign-up in next week's newsletter.


Kids are really doing a great job remembering their instruments! Thanks to those parents who are dropping them off when kids do forget. Wednesday will be the lesson day for the entire school year.

Longhouse Project

The kids will be building longhouses in the classroom on Halloween day! It always ranks up there with one of the best days of 4th grade! Look for more information this week and at Open House on Thursday night.