Ancient Times

400 BCE.

Local Philosopher Executed

Our local philosopher, Socrates, was decided his fate by 500 Athenians. He was sentenced to death, after being found guilty of corrupting the youth, with his creation of new Gods, and his failure to acknowledge the Gods recognized by the state. In the beginning, there were three accusers: Meletus, Anytus, and Lycon.Two of his students, Plato and Xenophon, defended him in the trial. there was no judge to instruct them about how to interpret the law, which made it difficult for jurors to come to any conclusion. After Socrates was convicted, they entered the penalty phase of the trial. Each the defendant and the accusers were to propose a punishment. Socrates suggested a "punishment" for himself: free meals in the dining hall, which was in the center of Athens. They came to the conclusion that he was ready for the public to decide that he was deserving of the death penalty. Three-hundred and sixty of the 500 jurors favored the death penalty for Socrates. The execution was completed by consuming a glass of poisonous hemlock.

Our Citizen's Opinions

(Athenian woman's opinion about the trial of Socrates)

Greek Olympics