The Runnin' WJ Ranch has partnered with the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches to start a therapeutic riding missions team at 7 different Churches. We also helped with the Annual Gathering on October 1-4 that was held at the Four States Fair Ground. The Gathering had many events including chuck wagons, team roping, ranch rodeo, Youth National Finals, Adult National Finals, and Cutting. We had around 4000 people from 9 different states come together to spread the joy of the Lord.
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THANKs First Baptist Church Moores Lane Deacons and Missions Team at the Ranch

Our fence was looking pretty ragged. After the deacons at the First Baptist Church on Moores Lane and the missions team from the Ranch came out, the new and improved fence is looking mighty fine.
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Our kiddos enjoying this FALL weather

The beautiful weather is allowing our kiddos to get out on the trail. We wanted to share some of our beautiful smiling kiddos.
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We need your help!

Winter is in the near future. We are wanting to supply our kids shoes and jackets. If anyone would like to donate or help out with these purchases of these items please email, facebook message, mail, or call us at the Ranch at 903-838-3223

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