Open-House Invitation

Back to School Meet and Greet


My name is Ms. Ney and I am originally from New York, New York though I earned my degree in Education at Indiana University-Bloomington. Teaching has always been a passion of mine and I am so excited to be working with you and your child this year!
One of my favorite ways to kick-off the school year is by hosting an open-house. This gives me a chance to meet and get to know all of you. As most of you know our open-house will be taking place on Thursday, September 17 at 6:00 p.m. in Room 202.
In order for us to be as organized as possible, I would suggest bringing your school supplies the night of our open-house. After arranging the room we will be discussing our expectations for this upcoming year so if you have any questions-- please feel free to ask at this time.
I look forward to building a relationship with you and your child. I know we are going to have such a fun year ahead of us!


Maria Ney

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 9:30pm

246 South Belvedere Boulevard

Memphis, TN

6:00-6:15 Classroom Set-up
6:15-6:30 Ice-breakers
6:30-7:15 Classroom Expectations
7:15-7:30 Q&A
7:30-7:45 Final Wrap-up

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Maria Ney
Office: 901-590-9912