Bored? In China?


Social Organization The people are becoming business people instead of farmers. There are fifty different people and different cultures.

Economy Business is now done in buildings and skyscrapers instead of farms. China has the worlds largest economy with $9.3253 trillion as 2013 (nominal GDP). They have always invented some of the greatest things that have ever bee invented such as gunpowder, compass, paper making, and printing.

Customs and Traditions In inner Mongolia there is a horse race by children because they are not as heavy as adults. The Chinese dragon is worshiped and is made from a deer, crocodile, demon, snake, tortoise, hawk, tiger, and a cow.

Government Shanghai is seven times the size of New York. Around 200 B.C. China was an imperialist country and conquered six kingdoms.

Arts and Literature Some popular sports are Martial Arts, Basketball, Football, Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, and Snooker. The NBA is very popular because of Yao Ming and Jeremy Lin.

Language There are 80 different dialects and seven major languages. There are over 40,000 symbols for the written language.

Religion The Chinese New year is celebrated. You are free to choose any religion. Offering sacrifices to the gods will choose your fate.


  1. The East China sea, Korea bay, Yellow sea, and South China sea are bodys of water that border China.
  2. The east and south of China have fertile land and have many offshore islands.
  3. The west has little to no fertile land because of deserts and plateaus.
  4. Because of the coast on the east and south of China this area has become an economic center.
  5. China is the 3rd largest country in total land mass.
  6. Because of the mountains and rivers on them it is easy to create hydro-electric power.
  7. In the west there are mountains and forests which is a great tourist hot spot.
  8. Because China is so large the weather can be so different around the country.
  9. Some areas get little rain and some get more than enough.
  10. There is much pollution because of the use of coal.

Compare and Contrast China versus U.S.A.


  1. Communist state
  2. $9,800 gdp per capita
  3. Car company: Saic motor
  4. Supplies oil
  5. 86,000 km of railways
  6. People are less healthy
  7. 11.62% of the land is arable
  8. Most of the people are Chinese
  9. There is no distinct amount of people in one religion
  10. The median age is 36.7

  1. Constitution based federal republic
  2. $52,800 gdp per capita
  3. Car company: Ford
  4. Receives oil
  5. 224,792 km of railways
  6. People are more healthy
  7. 16.29% of the land is arable
  8. Many ethnic groups
  9. Majority of the population is in a single religion
  10. The median age is 37.6

  1. A large use of cell phones
  2. Many telephone lines
  3. Economic powers
  4. Large use of airports
  5. Lots of paver roads


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1. How much more GDP PPP per land area does China have than Greenland?

2. Why is Chinas' GDP PPP per land area so much more than Greenland's.


  1. 10,062,740 - 2,873,955,312
  2. China has a much larger population and more industries.