History of the Mistletoes

The Evaloution of the Christmas Tadition

There are many stories of the history of the Mistletoe, this story of ancient gods is one.

Baldur, grandson of Norse god Thor, woke up one morning and believed that every animal and plant In the world wanted to kill him. His mother and wife comforted him but he still believed that all animals and plants wanted him dead. Baldur stayed in his room frightened. Until one day his mother and wife went out to ask every living thing to leave their son/husband in peace. They all agreed, when Baldur came out to celebrate his freedom from suffering, he felt a sharp pain in his chest...he had been stabbed by an arrow made from the wood of the Mistletoe plant. The Mistletoe was the one living thing that the mother and wife had not noticed. Baldur had died. Now the Mistletoe hangs over our doors to never forgot about poor Baldur and we kiss beneath to remember that his mother and wife have forgotten.

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Other Mistletoe Tranditions

The Mistletoe grows on Willow and Apple trees. The tradition of hanging it goes way back to the ancient Druids. The Mistletoe is suppose to have mystical power which brings good luck and gets rid of any evil spirits. The Mistletoe is also an indication of love and friendship in Norse Mythology.

Why we kiss under a Mistletoe...

The idea of kissing under a Mistletoe comes from England, the point was that a berry had to be picked from the Mistletoe before the person can be kissed. Once all the berries are gone there would be no more kissing allowed.
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And that is the history of the Mistletoes...