Colt Chronicle

March 16-March 27th

Reminders/Heads UP!

  • March 17: Happy St Patrick's Day! Please feel free to wear jeans and green today.
  • March 17: Stacy out in the AM
  • March 18: Stacy and Debbie out in the AM for Principal's Meeting
  • March 19: Stacy off campus all day
  • March 19: Open House from 6:30-7:30 PM--professional dress please
  • March 20: Grades due for 3-5
  • March 20: Movie Night sponsored by PTA at 6:30 PM
  • March 23: Stacy at ASCD Houston
  • March 23: Names due as a team to Michael for COM
  • March 24: Class Picture Day! Please dress professionally!
  • March 25: Sunshine and Wellness Committee Meetings at 3 PM for all staff
  • March 26: COM
  • March 27: Kindergarten Round Up (new families visiting), Spirit Assembly at 1:30 PM, and Report Cards for 3-5

DEAR Time Reading Update

In a previous Chronicle, I shared some thinking out of a book that I am currently reading (at a snail's pace, I might add) called Implementing RTI with English Language Learners by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey and Carol Rothenberg. I think that the more I read this book, the more I feel like it should be a PLC for next school year. As we transition to having one ESL Specialist on campus, the responsibility for language acquisition and development really falls upon our ESL certified teachers. This book has GREAT thoughts about helping students and would be great to discuss in a group.

In our last look at the book, I shared the author's definition of the tiered system of instruction. The further that I read, the more information there is that supports the model that our district is moving towards for the ESL children on our campus. For students to achieve, Tier 1 instruction has to be solid for ELL students. That is why it is best for the classroom teacher to be equipped with strategies to help ELL students scaffold to learn IN THE CLASSROOM. The old pullout model only serves to continue the gap that those students come into school with from the start. We must use all the bags in our certification toolbelt to keep the kids in the classroom.

The authors discuss how important peer collaboration is for ELL students in the tiered system. They write that the purpose for having conversations and seeking assistance in teaching ELL students is that it removes the assumption that "each teacher is an independent contractor who has ALL the answers, resources, and skills to meet the needs of all the students in the class." Not one of us can be equipped to serve all the needs of our campus, we must work as a team to help our kids. I strive for our campus to embody this philosophy for the good of all our kids.

As I read more, I will share more. One resource that is too good to go long without sharing is the following link: . It is a gold mine of helpful ideas. I hope you will check it out!