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Survey City!

I want to start by apologizing for the many, many survey's I sent out this past week. We are beginning to plan and think towards next year and it's important to me that everyone has input. If you have not had a chance to give feedback, I have included links below to access each survey. Please make sure you contribute by Tuesday, April 5th. Thank you!

Reminder: Tower plans need to be closed out by this Friday, April 8th. If you are on cycle, you will get an email from me this week specifying a time to meet to review your summative evaluation. You can view your summative now, by clicking on "Reports" and then selecting "Educator Summative Report". This will give you a view of all walthroughs entered this year. The instructions for Tower are below.

Randa Tower & Summative Evaluation Information

It's time to close out growth plans for the year! Beginning Monday, you will be able to close out your growth plan. I will have all of your classroom walkthroughs finalized by that date. Please follow instructions on the google doc, found at the button below. Let me know if you have questions!


This picture was taken on Saturday afternoon, when Glenn was at school cleaning ALL the floors after Fun Night (and trust me, he had his work cut out for him...)! This is just one of the ways Glenn goes above and beyond to make sure Sequiota looks good! When I walked in on Saturday, I knew Glenn was there because the lights in the hallway were off and all I could see were the shiny hallways that look like they were waxed yesterday! We get compliments on our building on a weekly basis and these compliments go to Glenn! Glenn takes pride in our building being the most clean school in Springfield. Glenn does ALOT. On every election day, Glenn arrives at school by 5 a.m. to let the election officials in to set up for elections that day. If anything goes wrong in the building on the weekends, Glenn heads to Sequiota to fix the problem. Glenn is always on call. When we have a Celebration assembly, I never have to send Glenn an email to remind him to set up the gym-Glenn just does it. I can say this for many things...when we have a snow day and we are at home in our p.j.'s, Glenn is at school cleaning off sidewalks so that we can all get into the building safely the following day. Glenn keeps every part of our building looking nice and clean, not just the floors. Glenn works with Sparc for the summer program and does just about anything in the building that is needed. Recently, Morgan bought more fish for the tank (since all were dead), and Glenn paid for some of the fish-again-not something Glenn HAD to do, but something he did because our students enjoy the fish. Glenn is a proud father and grandfather and is always putting the needs of his girls/family before his own.

The song I chose for Glenn is called "Butterfly Kisses". If you talk to Glenn for very long, you will hear how close he is to his sweet girls who have recently both had a lot to celebrate! This song is a dad singing about his daughter-it just makes me think of Glenn and how proud he is of his girls! I will warn you that it is a tear jerker (and it mentions God, please don't listen if that offends you). The second song is "There Goes My Life" by Kenny Chesney-because Glenn's girls are his life!

Thank you Glenn for giving so much to Sequiota and taking care of our building! We appreciate you!

Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses (Country Version)
Kenny Chesney - There Goes My Life
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