Computer Research



A monitor is a computer screen, it is a device which you use to enable you from observe (look at),check, and keep a record of something. A hard drive is a drive which is used to read from and able to be written on, it also stores data.The CPU is the central processor where many of the calculations take place it is like the brain of a computer. RAM stands for Random access memory and it can be found in many different types of devices for example computers and printers, what is does is it can access bytes (used as unit of memory) without touching the preceding (the ones in front) bytes. An input is a where a device sends information and data to the system. An output is important information which can be in forms of binary, characters, pictures and much more. It also means to gives out. If a device is touch screen it allows someone to interact and enables you to physically touch things on the device in terms of for example if you press Google on an tablet it would load what you touched. On all computers you have an operating system that supports all of the functions as well as schedule tasks, it also control's a peripheral ( this is a device which is able to work with the computer).

Tim berners Lee is the man who was a computer scientist and created the world wide web known today as the internet.This was a great discovery as without it there would be no social media or games and many other things so it is easier to find out things instead of looking inside a massive encyclopaedia. The four generations of computers and technology was a big thing as many of the old items adapted into more modern useful things. At first the ENIAC was built a calculating machine which consumed large amounts of electric power and it took 3 years to be built. Then later on the very simple mouse was made as shown below later it turned into a more modern shape and into a different colour. The first laptop was finished on the 1st of January 1981 just a year after the more modern mouse was created. A motherboard is what links everything in the system up to each other it also is the hub for the devices connected to the computer, this is very important as it allows them to communicate to each other. Alan Turing was a extremely clever mathematician and logician who often was called the father of modern computing and helped crack the codes in WW2, Winston Churchill stated that he cut down the war by 2 years with his smartness.

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