Coding is a fun way to express feelings and create magical worlds you are the king of!

DaCodingMasterz is an under construction site that is, and forever will be, constantly updated. After all, nothing is ever finished! So head to DaCodingMasterz and learn NOW! Just click the button at the bottom!


It is just a website. It is completely free to visit. We do not have an interactive element yet, but stay tuned! We also have a game-developing course for advanced students and the Art of Creativity courses on CodeAcademy.

Our Developers

Ashwath Rajesh "Nothing is ever finished", Neil Kansal "I can't believe people don't know this"

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What do I need?

All you need is Internet, a computer, and something to type your code in.(Recommended: Webstorm,Eclipse, any programming tool you can use. If you don't have any, just practice with a Word Document or a Web Page)


Website temporarily having issues involving not loading. Will be fixed soon.Please go to Coding Master Codeacademy course.