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Volume 1 Issue 3

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Message from the President

Spring break is just around the corner and we are all due for some self-care and relaxation. Spring may be a time of stress as the school calendars are saturated with end of year programming. I encourage everyone to reflect on all the work you've accomplished this year and the meaningful experiences you've had. Students really are doing things different if not better as a result of your practice and presence on campus. In this newsletter you will find three meaningful items for your review. (1) The School District of Lee County and LCSCA School Counselor of The Year Nomination Form (2) The LCSCA Administrator of The Year Nomination Form, and (3) The Susan Shoemaker Scholarship for H.S. Seniors application. One more item….LCSCA also needs your vote on setting a date for our end of year “wineing down” event! I leave you with a special quote to inspire a positive spring semester (see image below).

--Nestor Avila

LCSCA President

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Keri Tutterrow (LCSCA Secretary)

"I'm the type of person who enjoys being connected with others and serving in my community. LCSCA allows me the opportunity to meet and socialize with school counselors who understand the joy and frustrations associated with school counseling. I know I can reach out to anyone on the board and they would gladly lend a helping hand or offer advice whenever I ask. LCSCA also provides avenues for me to serve in our community or help fellow school counselors. I am so glad I joined."
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LCSCA School Counselor of the Year Nomination

Nominate an OUTSTANDING School Counselor in your profession. Download the form in the link below to nominate a colleague.

The nomination covers the following questions:

1. How does this counselor contribute to student growth and achievement?

2. What impact does this school counselor have on the students at your school?

3. What impact does the school counselor's professionalism have on the staff and other stakeholders at your school?

Forms are due to Jo Marie Larrimore ( by either e-mail or pony by March 25th, 2015 .

Administrator of the Year Nominations

Nominate an OUTSTANDING Administrator that supports School Counseling.

Award Criteria:

• The school counselor must write a 200-300 word narrative essay describing how a Lee County administrator supports a comprehensive professional school counseling program in your school and encourages and supports School Counselors to perform the duties that are relevant and required by the ASCA National Model.

• Essay must be typed or pasted into the form linked below.

• School Counselor and Administrator must attend LCSCA Awards Breakfast in May (Date TBA) to read essay or make arrangements for someone else from the school to attend.

• School Counselor must be a LCSCA member to nominate an administrator.

Deadline to Submit:

Monday April 20th, 2015


This scholarship is in memory and honor of a beloved and outstanding School Counselor, Susan Shoemaker. Mrs. Shoemaker was a School Counselor in the Lee County School District for over 30 years, who greatly influenced many students to meet their potential. The funds were raised through LCSCA to sponsor students in their passage to further their education. Two $300.00 scholarships are available to two graduating high school seniors in Lee County.

**School Counselors must help students submit their entry using this survey form. This link should not be made available to students.

Scholarship Subject:
The essay should cover all of the following questions:
1. How did a School Counselor impact your educational/personal or social experience and where are you now?
2. How did this School Counselor help you with your future plans?
3. How will this scholarship help you with your educational plans?
4. How would you like to help others in the future?

Deadline to Submit:

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Susan Shoemaker Scholarship

DEADLINE: April 20th, 2015

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"Wine"ing Down the Year

We need your input! We will be hosting an event called "Wine"ing Down the Year which will include a painting experience and of course WINE. Please vote and let us know which date works better for you. This event will be open to the public, so bring your significant other, friends, and coworkers. The event will be priced at $35 per person and will include all painting supplies, painting instruction, and some wine!
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9 Ways to End the School Year Stress Free

We are heading in to a time of year where many of us are super stressed. We are pushing to survive the final days of school and finish the school year strong. So here are 9 ways to end your year stress free!

1. Laugh

We get so busy in our day thinking about the tasks that need to be finished by the end of the day, the parent teacher conference we have to conduct after school, preparing for that meeting, helping a struggling student, the parent email you need to respond to, and the list goes on! Don't let those moments consume you. Take a moment to listen to student conversations that happen in the hallways and the cafeteria. That will often give you a reason to chuckle. If your students find something that is funny, laugh with them. They will love it and it will make you feel better too!

2. Plan Your Day

Write down what you need to accomplish in the day. Do not write down any more than what has to be accomplished. Writing more than what needs to be accomplished will make your list overwhelming and you will be discouraged at the end of your day when you don't accomplish it all. If everything does not get finished, it is OKAY.

3. Take a Moment to Pause

There are some days when we need "welcomed interruptions." Look for those moments in your day. It may be when you go to grab that cup of coffee in the teachers lounge or laugh with the office staff about a silly thing that happened over the weekend. It may be when you actually stop and have lunch with a few colleagues. I promise the moments you take for yourself will be rewarding.

4. Encourage

I believe that encouraging others is always a good dose of healthy medicine. When we take time to encourage others we take the focus off our self and we are thinking about the well being of others. Put a few chocolates or a note in the mailbox of someone you know is going through a stressful time. Not only will it make them feel better, it will make you feel better too.

5. Exercise

I am not a huge exercise buff, but I do know that exercising decreases the amount of stress you have in your life. It also helps you to feel better and have more energy

So take a walk around the block, put on a exercise video, or do #6 :)

6. Have a Dance Party

I'm not kidding. You don't have to be the best dancer. Dancing can elevate that heart rate and put a smile on your face at the same time. You can even make up your own little song to dance around to. Why do you think Lee Cummings is so happy? He is singing his songs and dancing in his office when life is getting him down :)

7. Spend Time with Family

Remember that to do list of yours? Now, I want you to PUT IT DOWN. Eventually your job will end and you will one day retire, but you can never get back moments you have with your children and your family. Make it a priority to spend time with your family. Take a bike a ride. Play a board game. Steal a few snuggles on the couch.

8. Be Grateful

In a moment of stress, list things that you are grateful for in your life. Here are a few of mine: I have a loving family, I have food to eat, I have encouraging coworkers, I am healthy.

9. Smile

This last one should not come as a surprise to you. If laughing reduces stress, then of course smiling will have the same effect. Studies show that people who smile improve their heart health. After a stressful meeting, choose happiness and leave with a smile.

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LCSCA at the National School Counseling Week Networking Event

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On January 29th, 25+ Lee County School Counselors gathered at Shoeless Joe's to celebrate National School Counseling Week, enjoy some great appetizers, and catch up with one another. Fun was had by all and check out those AWESOME shirts! Don't miss out on our next event!
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