The Effects of Binge Drinking

unsafe and unhealthy

What really happens when you binge drink?

Binge drinking causes people's behaviors to change, some people become aggressive and angry which can create an unsafe environment for everyone around. It also impairs many of your senses and judgments. You can't see properly or speak properly and many people fall when drunk, causing injury to not only themselves but also can cause injury to others. Drunk driving is a very big problem in today's society. Some people think that just because they don't feel drunk that they are safe to drive home or even drive someone else home. This is extremely unsafe and can cause not only injury to you and whoever else is in the car but can harm others on the road. Sometimes, many of these events end fatally and innocent people lose their lives just because of someone else's actions. Alcohol poisoning is also another very important problem. Drinking an unsafe amount can cause you to become poisoned and your body will begin to fail. Many people die from alcohol poisoning and other binge drinking related injuries. It is very important that people become aware of these effects and make a change in our society to help not only ourselves, but others around us as well.

Drunk Driving

30 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes involving alcohol impaired drivers EVERYDAY.

Alcohol Poisoning

6 Americans die everyday from alcohol poisoning.