By Weston Fuhr, Nate Ewing, Cathrine Ervin, Evan Rauscher


China is the best civilization that ever existed in the ancient times. China had many great inventions, beliefs, arts, architecture, and military. Most of the innovations from China traveled on to the other civilizations, and without China they probably wouldn't have silk, paper, or other things such as fireworks and rice. China was the smartest civilization out of all them, and at one point China was the strongest civilization ever. The Chinese invented paper, fireworks, rice, and other things such as silk, jewelry made of jade, and more. You may think that your civilization is the best but if it weren't for China then your civilization wouldn't have paper, fireworks, silk and much more. Also in China they had some of the best philosophies ever in the ancient times. Some were Confucianism and more. China was the civilization that had the most advances and is one of the best civilizations in the history of ancient civilizations. In China they had some of the greatest architecture such as the great wall, Canals for boat travel, huge roads so they can get around faster, and they had irrigation canals to keep crops alive. If it weren't for China your puny civilizations wouldn't have such architectural beauty. As you can see China was one of the most advanced ancient civilizations in history.

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How did religion control or influence their lives?

Religion controlled a lot of the peoples lives in the classical civilizations. For example, most people who believed in religion would make most of their choices based on their religion. It influenced their lives because most people believed strongly in their religion. One example is if their were people debating on warring against another civilization, and if in their religion their was a piece that says that they should not war, then they would not want to war. This is because they are influenced by their religion.

How does our modern world reflect the innovations of classical civilizations?

In our modern world we still use things from Ancient China such as paper which was one of many really important inventions. Paper was used for letters, drawings, and scrolls just to name a few examples. The Chinese also made fireworks that people all over the world use in celebrations. In the modern world that we live in we still use these very important inventions made in China.

Building and architectural techniques slide show by Weston Fuhr

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China Art and literature


We have proven that China is the best ancient civilization there is because of their inventions, religion, arts, architecture, and there military. Reasons for this is that there inventions changed mankind with paper which everyone uses to this day. Also they invented fireworks that we still use and silk clothes which we still wear. The Chinese had lots of philosophies also. Examples of these are Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. China had lots of art. They made pottery and paintings. One of China’s main things that made them unique was their architectural way. For example they made the Great Wall of China and they made their buildings differently. China had one of the strongest military's because of their numbers. So in conclusion all of this makes China the best civilization from ancient times.