Fable Story

Sydney Beck

Scotty the Bunny

One day in December in the sixth grade Scotty the bunny made fun of Allender the Bunny by putting a sign on his back that read KICK ME! Allender didn't notice the sign until he got home, and he never forgave Scotty for what he had done. Many years later Scotty became homeless and couldn't support his five children, so he went to apply for a job.

When he got to the job interview they said there was only one job opening and over 50 applicants. This meant he had to get the employer to remember him. When the secretary called his name he was on pins and needles.

"Hello Sir."

"Hello sir, what is your name mine is Allender Wright."

"My name is Scotty Wilson, sir."

"The Scotty Wilson, the person who bullied me through the 6th grade." Why are you here?"

"I need a job kind sir." I can't support my family without it."

" Oh no, you don't go guilt tripping me I decide who gets the job and you're not going to be it!" Good day!"

Several months later Scotty the bunny and his family died of starvation.


Be nice to everyone or it might come back to haunt you.