The Pulaski Bulletin

November 2013

A.B.V.M. Halloween Party

By: Rachel Wasielewski

The students at A.B.V.M. celebrated Halloween by having a Halloween party and wearing their costumes for the second half of the day. The fifth grade class at A.B.V.M. ran and set up the games on October 31st 2013. Kindergarten -fourth grade got to enjoy the games and contests. They got to enjoy everything in the A.B.V.M. school gym. They had games like a coloring contest, bingo, bowling, musical chairs, beanbag tosses, pin the wort on the witch, and a starburst candy drop. They ended the day by toilet papering their teacher.

A.B.V.M. Girl's Basketball

By: Rachel Wasielewski

The fourth and fifth grade girls at A.B.V.M. had the option of playing basketball for their school. The kids that wanted to play(Rachel, Ashlyn, Audrey, Brynn, Ashley, Lauren, Hope, Lucy, Gracie, Sidney, Madelyn, and Emily)had their first practice on November 4th 2013 and are having their first game on December 5th 2013. Practices are held in the A.B.V.M. school gym and home games are held there as well. They play against other school around the area. They say they play to stay fit and have fun.

Tyler Wasielewski

By: Rachel Wasielewski

Tyler Wasielewski a right-tackle on the Pulaski High School football team had practices Monday-Saturday 3:00 pm-6:00 pm. Before practices started he lifted weights since the end of the previous season till the beginning of the season he just ended now. He had games every Friday after the season started. Practices were held at Pulaski High School and home games were played behind the Pulaski Middle School. Tyler Wasielewski said he plays/played it because he enjoys it.