2016 - 2017

Instructional Videos - March 2017

This semester I have created instructional videos in each of my courses. The videos cover critical concepts or areas of assignments where students typically struggle.

I have encouraged students to work out the problems by hand using pencil and paper as they watch each video. I recommend that students use the videos for extra help or to review before each quiz and test. I have received positive feedback from students about how helpful the videos have been. I feel that this is most helpful to students because it allows them to concentrate on one concept at a time, or helps them get started on an assignment using short 5 minutes videos that they can watch and re-watch at their convenience.

ELO - Spring 2017

In Spring 2017 semester, I taught 4 different courses: AP Computer Science, GSE Advanced Algebra B, GSE Analytic Geometry B, and Advanced Mathematical Decision Making AB. Many of my students were seniors and needed their course to pass in order to graduate. Midway through the semester, I noticed the need for remediation so I offered extra learning opportunities to help them learn the concepts they missed and prepare for the final exam.

AP Computer Science

I offered a the remediation assignment using Shmoop. I created 4 drill assignments that covered all the course content. Students could do the assignments to earn an extra 10 points on the corresponding unit test. Shmoop was a great resource to use because it allowed me to create a virtual classroom and I could easily look up their grades to verify their completion. Shmoop also has in-depth videos and content on each unit for students to master the concepts. Not only was this a great opportunity for students to improve their grades but it also served as a valuable final exam and AP Exam review.

Math Courses

I created a test that covers the standards for each unit in the course. I allowed students to take these tests and use them as a replacement grade for one item in each unit. If there was an assignment that a student did not complete or struggled with, they could do the USATestPrep assignment instead. For students who did not need to replace an item, they could use this to add 10 points to their test grade.